Sunday, January 22, 2006

Live Play vs Internet Play

Had a friend host a tourney last night. It has been a while since I played live, and it definitely showed. How, you may ask? I played tight aggressive, which should have done well. However, there is "Live Play" tight and "Internet Play" tight.

Many of you may be asking yourself, "Huh?"

Let me explain. This one took me too long to figure out last night, and it cost me, dearly. The difference is in the amount of hands that you see at each level of blinds. Now, granted, last night was a little different as half of one of our blind levels was taken up by a guy who had to go out and argue with a cop about getting ticketed for parking in a posted fire lane (you would think he would have noticed that NO ONE ELSE was parked on that side of the street) and the host decided we couldn't fold his hand and had to wait. But I digress.

My issue was that I saw too few flops and didn't steal enough blinds before the blinds came up and bit me. I was playing tight aggressive and not hitting flops. My AJ suited lost to pocket QQ. My pocket 66 on the button lost to 98 offsuit. I just couldn't get anywhere.

I ended up mucking hands in position that I should have been playing. I had pocket 4s on the button, and UTG raised 4X BB, one called, next person raised, one more caller. I mucked. Flop was 744. Ugly. Even had I called the raises, I still had enough chips that I would have not been completely crippled if I had missed the flop.

So I have to get back into live play, where you don't see as many hands during the blind levels and sometimes have to call or make raises with less than stellar hands. I need to use position more to bully people. I can't believe how rusty I really was in a live game. The internet has spoiled me.

Now I've got something new to work on, yet again. I'll see you all at the tables....


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