Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goals for 2006 and YTD results

Well, not too bad. I'm down a little bit for the year (33.73 to be exact, if you must know). I started the year out with a few goals:
  1. Work seriously on my cash game, specifically NLHE .10/.25. I want to have a positive year at this level. YTD I am down $22, but had a few suckouts that count toward this negative, which is to be expected. I don't have a huge number of hands yet at this level, but I've put $333.25 in play at this level. Hoping that variance can swing back around, as it seems to be. My last 3 sessions have all been positive, with more than 100 hands played in each. I seem to do better when I sit for longer periods. The hit and run just doesn't work for me.
  2. Money in one guarantee tourney a month on FT, using only tokens to get into these events. I hit this one on the 15th when I used a token for the $16K GTD and snuck into the money, literally. Finished 81st out of 818, which was the first spot that paid. Got knocked out when my 77 on the button ran into QQ UTG and I wasn't able to suck out a 7. Such is life. I'm going to start again in February and see if I can get a bit higher ITM.
  3. Work on my SnG play and use this to finance my shots at the MTTs. I want to make enough here that I can finance token SnGs without worry. I am shooting for $100 per month in profit. YTD I am down in SnGs, due to my participation in a "SnG Challenge" where we were seeing who could make it the farthest up the SnG ladder off an original buy-in. I made it almost to the $100, and played two $50s instead. In the $10 buy in I'm up $50 for the month, so about half of the goal.
  4. Make it into a minimum of 5 WSOP tourney qualifiers, with at least 2 being for the Main Event. YTD these have not started on FT, so nothing to report.
  5. Finish the year positive in MTT action. I actually managed this in 2005 where I ended up $30 for the year. Not a big number, but I want to make this at least $300 for this year. YTD I am up a whooping $1.72, so I have a ways to go.
  6. Play in a minimum of 6 live tourneys at casinos, either in Vegas or on the local riverboats. Have a positive return from these events. YTD no tourneys. I need to work on the BR so that I can afford to do this later in the year. With only 6 tourneys, I need to money in only 1 to really get this to pay off. I think that one ITM finish in 6 should be a good goal for the year.
That's it for now. I'll update the goals every few weeks to keep you all informed. Cya at the tables.


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