Monday, June 19, 2006

Casino Report - Argosy Casino, Lawrenceburg, IN

Okay, time to talk about the live game from last friday afternoon. I had a work thing over in Lawrenceburg, IN and ran down to the boat afterword. Got there and they had a TON of games spread. Lots of LHE, NLHE, and PLO as well as PLO8 games going (see post below for limits on these games). I got into the $4/$8 LHE game. I wasn't sure what the action would be like, so I bought in for $320, wanting to stay above 30 BBs. The rake was a little high at 10%, but capped at $5 which I found reasonable for the 4/8 game.

Sat down at the table and realized that I bought in for a little much, and had the big stack at the table. Looked like most had between 150 and 200. So I had some room to be flexible. And boy, did I need it. The entire first hour was just painful. AJ on the button. Raise. 4 callers. Miss the flop. Fold. Limp with AQ from EP. Gets raised and reraise. I fold. Chips bleeding away. Finally decide to change my game up a little when I have KQ sooooted UTG. I raise. Folds to the button, a young kid that has been chatting with me a bit. He reraises. I decide that I have a tight image and I'm gonna bully so I cap it. He calls. Flop is K 10 8 rainbow. I bet it, he raises (and alarm bells go off) but I'm in bully mode and reraise. He calls. Turn is a 4, no flush still. I bet, he calls. River is 3, still no flush. I bet. He calls and shows QQ. Whoops, suckout by me. But now I have a semi-loose image and should get action on my next big hand.

And I don't have to wait long. UTG after an orbit I have 88. Just before my KQ hand, a new guy sat and was pushing people around with junk hands. Manic, loose. Calling reraises with hands like 64 off and hitting a straight. So people were getting a bit upset with him. I decide to go uber-aggressive again. I raise. Reraise, capped. 5 players see the capped flop. Flop is 8 9 10 with 2 hearts. I decide to check-raise to see if I can cut some of the field. I check, bet, loose guy raises. I reraise, it caps again. Turn is a Q, but not a heart. I'm a bit worried as one of the players has been playing AA-JJ and just jamming the pot with bets and raises no matter what hits. I decide to see where I am and bet it. Folds to the guy who plays the high pairs who calls. Loose guy folds. I'm now HU with big pair man. River is an 8. That's right. I hit quads, live. I think about checking, but want to get his cash as he may check behind me. I bet, he calls. I show. He mucks AA. I rake a damn big pot, and finally get into the black.

After this, the deck starts hitting me. In my last 1.5 hours I have AA twice, JJ twice, 99, 77, 66, AK, AQ. My first AA hits a set on the flop but is not called. I have a run of three hands in a row with the 77 that fills up on the river, but didn't get paid off. Next hand I get my AA cracked by KQ off when they river two pair. Then my 99 goes down to a flop of 10 6 4 when the button plays an A10 suited (as well he should) but I minimize my losses and only lose one bet per street (he never raised me). My aggression is paying off, however. Tight aggressive is the way to win this game. People were afraid to raise me as I was jamming a lot of pots.

Finally, I need to get home to Mrs. Fan and have some dinner, so I cash out. $125 in 3 hours. a little over 8BB/hr, even after being cold for the first hour. This is definitely a beatable game. I'll be back.

For those that are interested, they have NLHE tourneys. $95 buy in at noon Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Monday at noon is a Bounty tourney where you pay $20 more and collect the $20 from every player you bust. Same thing on Sunday at 6pm. Overall a nice room. Non-smoking amongst non-smoking slots, so you don't have to worry about cigarette smoke at all.

If you are there on a Saturday afternoon, maybe I'll see you there. Meanwhile, I'll cya at the tables.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger SlySelea said...

Sounds like fun. Nice cash, good report.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Teresa said...

no one hits quads live... liar. :)

btw, i have chicago beef in the crock pot!!!



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