Saturday, May 06, 2006

Variance rears it's ugly head

Wow. Talk about going from cloud nine into the crapper. My limit challenge has finally hit a bit of a rough patch. And I mean ROUGH. I could post and post about the bad beats, the suckouts. When my 10-10 that I capped preflop with lost to a runner runner set to A5 when the flop came 9 8 3. When my A5 suited in the big blind flopped top two pair only to get chased and sucked out on by A3 offsuit when he hit runner-runner boat. Just to name a few. But I was running really well on the way up, all my flushes would hit. All my PPs would flop a set and get paid off. It was time for variance to turn around and take a chunk out. But why so big?

How far have I fallen? Two full levels. I was all the way up to $0.50/$1 with a healthy BR of $41.07 last night when I started up. First session, I dropped $29.25. Urp. Was still playing the right kind of poker, just missed my draws and had some suckouts on the way down (see above). Variance is a fickle mistress. I lost $18.75 at the $0.50/$1 before moving down to the $0.25/$0.50 game and dropping the rest. That was enough to put me back to the $0.10/$0.20 level. Where I have yet to have a winning session to start to rebuild.

But rebuild I shall. I have faith that my play is correct, it was just time for a downswing. As I write this I'm down another $2 in the $0.10/$0.20 game. The old BR is now down to $8.27. I really can't complain, I'm still up from my start. Just a little "correction". I'll be working my way back up soon. I have been pretty good at controlling my tilt and not just going off the deep end. This little experiment has done me wonders on thinking about where my BR is vs where it was earlier. I'm no longer getting frustrated because I'm down over $30 in a day playing microlimits. Everyone knows that bad beats happen. Draws miss. I have to keep focused on the bigger picture, that I'm still up in the challenge and I can rebuild.

I'll be playing in Full Tilt's Silver Freeroll this afternoon. Maybe I'll have the challenge up at the same time and try to scrape my way back. Either way, I'm not going in the tank, yet.

I'll cya at the tables..


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