Friday, March 17, 2006

Limit vs NLHE, Ring vs Tourneys

Been a while since the last post. Hope you are all still with me. Today's topic is pretty broad, but I wanted to get some thoughts down to help me work on my game.

I've come lately to realize that I'm a pretty good limit HE player in ring games (I'm up there the most YTD). However, my NLHE ring game is not very strong. I'm down there.

When I look at my Ring Games vs Sit-N-Goes vs Large Field Tourneys, my results are that I make the most in MTTs, then SnGs, then Ring games. When I play tourneys, I play specifically NLHE. When I play ring, I mix up Stud, NLHE, LHE, and Omaha (both hi and lo)

So looking at my playing style, I can now start to pick it apart and see why. I play mostly low limit NLHE (dime/quarter blinds) LHE (1/2 or 2/4 blinds). Play here still results in huge swings in variance. And that means huge swings in your BR. I try hard to control pot size, but in low limit NLHE this isn't always in your control. At times you are at the mercy of the other players. I do the best when I can control the pot sizes in a game. I know this now, and need to exploit it or play in games where others cannot neutralize this part of my game.

So, naturally, I do better at Limit than No Limit ring games. And I do better in tourneys than ring games, since the increasing blind structures can give those who like to control pot sizes and odds and edge.

So look for me less now at the NLHE tables. Well, maybe always should work on your weak spots. I just need to make sure I play enough Limit and tourneys to finance my "habit".

See you at the tables


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