Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Read this if you like SnGs

A lot of people talk about how to win at SnGs and how they are crushing them. Most people say to play tight-weak or tight-aggressive. Here is somone that has been trying loose-aggressive with success. I'm going to try some of his tips and they have already started working. First try, got a second in a $5 SnG on Full Tilt.

Reading through my last post has me thinking. It reads like weak-tight play. I need to tweak. I can't just let people push me around. That's the nice thing about being an amateur on a small bankroll....I can afford to make mistakes (and I do) and learn from them. I'll update soon with how the SnGs are going and how I'm doing with a more aggressive strategy.

In the meantime, I updated the Blogroll. Go read. It will make your game better, I swear. It has improved mine, even though I'm not near the level a lot of these others are at, yet. Maybe, someday. I hope....


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