Saturday, May 14, 2005

What the heck?!?!

Well, I decided to move onto FullTilt and what can I say? I entered a $4+$0.40 for a satellite token. I won the token. I entered a $24+$2 that feeds into the Sunday afternoon $200+16 with one seat guarenteed. The top 6 got a seat. After a few brushes with death, sitting in 7th of 8, I got KK on the button. Guy sitting in 6th is in an early position and raises about half my stack. I push all in, and he turns over A 10 offsuit. No A hits, so now I'm in the big tourney on my way to a possible WSOP seat. Off $4.40. I guess FullTilt is a bit better, as you don't have everyone and their brother going for a WSOP seat there. The tourneys don't have as many entries, so you aren't there for a marathon session. The only complaint I have will FullTilt is that you are stuck in whatever Satellite you are being fed into. They don't have a W$ program so you can unregister and use the money later. Glad I knew that and didn't get into a satellite to a mid-week tourney. So, if you are a FT player, come cheer me on tomorrow at 5:30EST. My screen name is IlliniFan.

So I was feeling so good, I decided to log back on to PokerStars and try the $2+R for today's 8pm $33+R qualifier. And guess what? One rebuy and add-on later, and I have a seat in the $33+R tourney. Since I am busy tonight (it is Saturday night, and my wife expects me to socialize) I unregistered, and I guess I'll use the W$ later.

So, here I am. Nervous as hell. I always dreamed of a WSOP spot, and now I'm one tourney away. I know, I is still a long road ahead, but FullTilt seems to have some solid players and some loose players. I'm hoping I hit a few of the latter, and not many of the former in my quest tomorrow. I'll play some good solid, poker. I have not played much tourney action lately, since I have been doing okay at micro-limit ring games, and I am a bit rusty. I checked my stats and saw the flop around 23% on the FT tourney, and 19% on the PS tourney. So, overall, not too bad. I'll post here regardless of what happens tomorrow.


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