Monday, May 16, 2005

Close, but not quite there yet

Well, my first experience in seriously trying for a seat in the WSOP main event has ended in a cold deck. I was up and down around the Full Tilt original T2000, but could never do much with it. Got AK spades on the button a while in and ran into 88 and didn't hit, but had him covered by just over T1200. The next orbit, I had 77 on the button with 2 limpers and pushed it. One folded, other guy thought about it for a bit and called with A10 hearts. Of course, he hits the 10 AND an A to just rub it in after I missed with my AK earlier. Such is the way of poker.

The good news is that I won another $4+$0.40 for a $26 token. And I still have 33 W$ on PS to try to play around with (but a quadruple shootout? what does that take, like 8 hours? And a triple? I wish PS had a few more non-rebuys for the WSOP, but that's why I'm on FT now)

Maybe this is the year...and maybe the Cubs will win the World Series as well : )


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