Thursday, May 19, 2005

Frustration pays off

Sitting in a NLHE $5 buy in last night on Full Tilt. Had been outdrawn twice on the river, once with my 88 vs K 9 offsuit that rivered a 9, and once by an ace - 4 suited that hit the river flush. So, I may be a bit steamed, when what should arrive, but THE HAMMER while I'm in the Big Blind. So, what does any good poker blogger do? You bet it on the flop! (I still don't have the nuts to raise with it pre-flop, but maybe soon. Here's the hand:

Dealer: Hand #113664285
Dealer: bbqboy posts the small blind of 80
Dealer: IlliniFan posts the big blind of 160
Dealer: You have been dealt [2h 7c]
Dealer: davepalo folds
Dealer: TheUsher folds
Dealer: Lucky Dog 2 folds
Dealer: DeadDough folds
Dealer: pumpkindn folds
Dealer: bbqboy calls 80
Dealer: IlliniFan checks
Dealer: The flop is [8h 3c Kh]
Dealer: bbqboy checks
Dealer: IlliniFan bets 160
Dealer: bbqboy folds
Dealer: Uncalled bet of 160 returned to IlliniFan
Dealer: IlliniFan mucks
Dealer: IlliniFan wins the pot (320)

So it pays off, and so does the frustration. Of course, now I still only have about T1000, so I'm soon out. But I'm play junk and like it. I think that is the first step in moving on to the next level. But I doubt it. I'll save THE HAMMER for special occasions, like a WSOP final table when I'm on camera : )


At 2:57 PM, Anonymous maybedinero said...

Surely half the point of doing that is to "show" it rather than "muck"ing it, insofar as the advertising value of THE HAMMER is concerned!


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