Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bad Beat JackpotS

Yes, dear reader. You read that right. Not Bad Beat Jackpot. Bad Beat JackpotS (plural).

What am I talking about? Nothing like a good day at the boat!

Decided to take today off and get in some poker. Haven't been to the boat in a while, I've been working on getting my online game better. I'd like to finally have a winning year. Last year was close, but still not in the black online.

So I head down to play in the $70 buy-in noon tourney. I get there early and decide to play some 1/3 NLHE while I wait. First hand, I get dealt in (no posting at argosy unless you are on the button for some strange reason).

First hand I'm UTG +2. I get Ad6c. I muck as I have no read on the table. We are short with only 7 people in a 1/3 NLHE game.

Guy 2 to my left raises to 12. Guy to his left calls. BB calls.

Flop 7d 7h 5d. BB checks. Bettor bets out 20. Caller calls, BB mucks.

Turn 6d. Bettor bets $60. Caller calls.

River 5s. Straight flush and 2 quads possible. Bettor bets $100, raises pops all in for $30 more. Bettor says "Man, I hope you have that straight flush" Caller says "No, I have quads" Bettor shows 55 (he rivered it). Caller shows 77.

Jackpot is $29ishK. 55 gets $15k. 77 gets $7.5K. 5 of us split the other $7.5k for $1.5k each. Life is GOOOOT!!! (other than having to fill out a W-2G. Ick!) I play a few more hands and end up -$70 (not including the jackpot, silly!). Then the tourney starts.

I have a good run to start and take my 2k in starting chips up to 7k. I'm the CL at my table. They finally break us and I move to the table of death. I go from big stack to 2nd shortest. This must be where the CLs go to die. I blind down to 4500 and then have a brain fart with Ac6c thinking that it's a good raising hand and the brain cramp continues on an A-hi flop. I'm up against AK and I'm out. I had a runner runner flush draw. Does that make it any better? Nope. I'm just dumb. Sigh.

I go back to 1/3 NLHE and get on the list for the 2/5 NLHE and 5/10 LHE and LO8 games (interest lists for both only) They start a 2/5 NLHE and since I have some extra cash I decide to sit in it. I had a better run at the new 1/3 game and get up +173, so +103 now.

I don't even get through a full orbit on 2/5 NLHE and they start up the LHE game. Sigh. Moving again. I drew the button in the new game and didn't have to post, so no change in the roll.

I get up and take a walk a bit into the game (so 6.5 since the bad beat hit). New jackpot is ~25% of the old so is about 7.7k (think they round up a little since it is over 7.5k).

I come back to have 10-6 offsuit in LP. UTG raises to 10. Folded to me, I fold. SB reraises to 15. BB calls. Bettor calls.

Flop 7d 7c 6c. Interesting. SB bets $5. BB calls. Bettor calls.

Turn 5c. SB bets $10, BB calls, bettor raises to $20. SB and BB call.

River 5s. It's like deja-vu. Same frigging board (well, clubs vs diamonds). I think there's no way that this can happen again with quads vs quads. SB bets. BB thinks and mucks. Bettor raises. They cap it (can't go unlimited reraises since 3 went to the river).

SB turns over 7h 7s. Bettor turns over 8c9c. Quads vs straight flush.

Quads get 3.9K. Straight Flush gets 1.9K. The other 8 chop up and get $240 each.

People in the LHE game start talking about converting it to a LO8 game. 6 of the 10 are up for it and there are 3 more on the list for O8. The other 4 are whining about not wanting or knowing how to play O8 and we try to get it to a mixed game (round of HE, round of O8). Still no dice. I'm down about 160 in the game and decide to get up to force the table to break and re-seat as O8. Others get up and in about 10 mins the LHE game breaks. We re-seat for O8. I go and cash in $1400 and decide to play the other $430 that I have left. I play for about an hour and 15, and finally get up with $460,

So, overall. I hit jackpots for $1721. Less $75 for tips. I end up with +14 in cash games after drinks and tips (water and diet coke only, no alkey-hol for me!). Overall I'm up $1590 for the year and it is only day 2!

Not a bad afternoon :-)

I'm going to do some research to see how astronomically small the odds are of being dealt into 2 jackpot hands. This boat makes a bad beat Aces Full of Jacks or better beat by Quads or better. The Aces full have to have at least one Ace in their hand. Gotta be way up there.

Boat that is down the road has a jackpot sitting at 120K. Need Aces full of 10s or better beat, period. Only one table usually going there to hit the jackpot which is why it is pretty high right now. I might have to take a run down there later this month if no one hits it.


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