Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting back on the horse

Sorry I've been away for a while dear readers. Many goings on in the Illinifan household lately. I need to get back to this, as the blogging helps my game.

I have had a nice run lately. 3 FTs in Razz, PLO8 and HORSE. Got HU with the HORSE and lost it when the blinds made it a crapshoot. Wasn't so happy with the PLO8 finish, as I had 2nd in chips and 2.5x 3rd place when we got to the FT. That one just got away from me. You lose focus for just a minute and the whole apple cart turns over. And having a baby in the house tends to help one lose focus :)

The good news is that I'm still +ROI in MTTs for the year. I don't get a big chance to play very many of these, but have managed to cash in the last few to keep myself in the black. I did make a few tries for a FTOPS seat, but just can't get the time together to make a solid run at anything.

I'm toying with a HU Challenge. Every poker player wants to know how good they are, test themselves out. I think that if I played nothing but HU matches for a month straight, rotating games, I could figure out where I sit in the big world of online poker. Of course, I have to choose a level to do this at, and then I might get an idea of how good I am versus people that choose to play HU at that level in that game, but that's about it. Maybe a public challenge in some forums would do the trick. Still tinkering on it. If you have any thoughts, comment away.

I have finally moved over (no small thanks to predator06) on Full Tilt to playing some PLO8. I'm down in both the .10/.25 and .25/.50 ring, but not that much. I'm still piddling around and need to get serious if I plan to play there long-term.

So looking at this post I can already tell you what my issue is. Can you guess? Yep. Focus. I've been too busy putzing around playing different games, different levels. I need to close it all down and focus on one game, one level. Conquer (or at least get +ROI) and then move up. But that's only if I want to be serious about the game.

I'm still trying to decide. Play for fun? Play seriously? Guess I need to do a bit of soul searching. I do know for sure I'll only be on between 9-10pm EST most nights on FT. Look me up there (without the 97). I'll cya at the tables.


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