Thursday, April 05, 2007

Soooo close

And yet so far. Tonight's quest for points in the Battle started out well. A few hands in, I get the hammer.

I'm in the CO, and burtdogg raises to 90 with 15/30 blinds. I decide to do this the blogger way, and play it like it's the nuts. I reraise to 250, burt calls.

Flop isn't too dangerous. Two diamonds, burt checks. I hit him foor 300 more into the 500ish pot and he calls. Ugh. Overpair. JJ-KK.

Turn is the Ah there. That's a good card for me, actually. Now I can keep playing it like the nuts. Check again by burt, and I pop it for 500 more, leaving me with a whooping 405 in chips if he raises me off this hand. Luckily, he folds and I get to show the hammer, prompting a "nicely done, sir" from bdiddie (aka biggestron).

After that, I went on a bit of a tear. I was a card rack. I made it up to be sitting in 2nd place with 19 left. Then, disaster struck. KK vs AQ, river Q. That moved me from 4th down to 8th. Winning that hand would have put me in the lead by about 4000 chips. Such is life. Then, I slowplayed a flopped set from the BB. I tried to be sneaky and bet 600 into the 3400ish pot on the turn, but my opponent had picked up a flush draw. The flush made it on the river and I was dumb and bet out. What else would he be calling with there? He had the odds for the flush. I should have bet out on the flop but was trying to get someone to double me up. My attempt was thwarted by the poker gods. Such is life. I go out in 12th. Worthy of 53.20 points. Not a good start, but not a bad one either. A cash would have been nice.

More tomorrow on live play. I'm going to try my hand at some NLHE 1/3 for a bit, and then either move to the 2/5 table or go busto with my buy-in and move to 3/6 limit. We shall see.


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