Monday, February 12, 2007

Morongo Casino Trip Report - aka Day 3

Okay, for all you jonesing for a 3/6 LO8 game, it's time to add some fuel to that fire.

I came back to the hotel at lunch to do some work and post the report from last night. About 1:30 or so I was pretty damn hungry and jonesing for some poker myself. So I hopped into the rental car and pointed west towards the Morongo Resort and Casino (home of Poker Superstars 2, for those keeping track)

I was told by the folks at Agua Caliente last night that the room would be "full of young punks" as the Morongo actually has an 18-or-older policy (vs 21 at most places). When I got there, they were right, but they were all at the NLHE tables. The room was pretty nice. It is walled off with doors from the main casino area and has a bathroom inside. Nice to not have to walk out through all the smoke for a call of nature.

I got there and put my name on the 4/8 LHE and the 3/6 LO8 (only O8 game running) and went to grab a bite. Just outside the room is a little food court and there was a FATBURGER there. That should be against the law. I wanted to eat at a burger joint here in PS later, so I just had some chicken and took it to go back to the room. Unfortunately, they started up a new 4/8 table while I was gone and I missed the call. I got back on at the top of the list and ate the sandwich while I waited. A seat opened up pretty quick and I was off.

Bought into the game for $200. First hour was torture and I was down about $65. Then the deck hit me. In 15 mins I dragged 4 pretty significant pots (one with 64 SOOOTED from the BB that I hit a runner runner full house. The woman betting was aggressive as hell with nothing). About that time they called my name for O8 and I racked up the chips to leave. I had $203, for $3 in profit!

Went to the LO8 game and dropped off my racks and went to the mens room. Came back and a second seat was open near the BB. I asked if I could have it and the dealer nodded. I moved into the new seat, to the right of some bigger stacks. I also learned that they (for some strange reason) play 5-card Omaha. This means that at a full table of 9 players, the button is out and it is an 8-person game. Why not just seat 8? I don't get it.

The first hour was okay, I was up a little on some high and low hands. The table was seeing a lot of flops. Out of the 8 dealt into the hand there are 5-6 seeing the flop. This table has a full kill on pots greater than $40 that are scooped as well.

Then, at about the 1.5 hour mark, the deck gets warm. I get up to about $275 and think about leaving. The table is starting to look like it is gonna break as we are down 3 players. I decide to stick it out. Two more sit, and I'm glad I stayed. I tread water for a bit and then a 9th sits and we are full up again. I get up over $300.

Then, the deck hits me in the face. I had the biggest run of cards I've seen in a long time. These weren't *great* starters, and some weren't even the nut possible hand. I'll list em here for you to chuckle over. Remember, this is a kill table.

Hand 1: A2h2d5d4s. Board comes down 4d 5d Qs 8h 5s. I check the river forgetting I had the damn 5 (hard to remember 5 cards, and I was getting tired). I scoop. Now I have to post $6 and the table becomes 6/12 for the next hand.

Hand 2: As4s9s9cKc. Limped to me. Flop is 9d9hQs. Bet into me! I just slowplay it and call. 3 for the ride. Turn is 5d. Bet into me again! ($12 now). I decide to just call again and get people to ride along. River is 3s. Checked to me and I bet. 2 call. I show the nuts and scoop. Still a kill pot.

Hand 3: KsKc3sAdJd. Limped to me again. This time 6 players see the flop and I'm getting some "WTF?" looks. You want me out, raise you morons. Flop is Qd 3h 7d. Checked around. Turn is the 10d. Checked to me, I bet $12, two call. River is Kh. Checked to me, I bet, one raise, all others muck and I re-pop. He calls and shows Kd5d for 2nd nut. I'm now up to about $420, with about $135 in the last 3 hands.

Hand 4: I have 3s3cAh2h6d. Everyone limps and I'm now getting some significant looks. Two dudes at the other end of the table are muttering to each other about my "luck". Flop is 3h Jh 10s. Bet to me, I call with my nut flush draw set of 3s. All call. Turn is 8c. I still don't think my 3s are good, so I check. One of the muttering dudes bets, his buddy raises. I feel like I can get half here with my nut lo draw. I call, buddy calls. River is Ad. Check, bet. I call, buddy calls. I show the hand and scoop with the set AND the lo. Hell, how did my A2368 win there? I post the kill AGAIN and get trash. I have 10-9-8-7-6 (nice for 5 card draw, but not here). Limped to me, I miss the flop completely and I muck to a bet. I check and now I'm up to about $500. My stack of $1 chips is getting close to me not being able to see my damn Nice problem to have

I take two more flops before the BB reaches me. I tell the dealer I'm out and count up $501, for a $298 profit in about 2.5 hours. That's a hell of a nice run in 3/6 LO8. I'm scared to play anymore. I think I used up all my luck for the year.

Day 4? Maybe. There's actually a $30 buyin LO8 tourney at 10am. I wish I could make it but I have vendor meetings starting tomorrow when the main show starts. I'll post here if I have the guts to run out again tomorrow night.


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