Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Close, sooo very close

Well, my try for the 2005 WSOP, like many others out there, is officially over. Time of death, Sunday, July 3rd, about 8:35pm Eastern.

I should have known better. It was a disappointing loss. After about 3 hours of solid play, I was in 14th position in chips. I had just under T13000 when I sat in the SB and saw AJ diamonds. Folded around to a guy with T2000ish more than I had. Blinds were 500/1000. Ante of 125. Guy raises to 2500. So a smallish bet, and I put him on a small pocket pair. So I make my mistake. I push all-in, thinking he won't call. He can't call. A loss would cripple him.

Alas, he turns over PRESTO!. Flop has a 5, turn pairs the board for him to rake in with a full house. And he gets a seat to the WSOP. Me, there is always next year.


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