Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poker < Life

Hello all, thanks for stopping by for a gander. It's been a while, but I fell off the horse there for a bit. Real life stepped in, as sometimes it tends to do.

I haven't had time to play much lately. I've still been grinding at O8, but mostly the Stars 8:30 Rebuy and SnGs. Cash, I'm back to NLHE. I'm running badly in O8, but NLHE has taken up some of the slack. I just haven't had time. The wife broke her right leg slipping on the ice in one of our snow dumps in Feb, and I've had to be chauffer/dad/cook/maid for the last month and a half. Work picked up quite a bit, so I've been swamped. That hasn't left a lot of time at poker. I've played the rebuy 4-5 times with a cash, and been running badly in the $16 SnGs. I dropped back to the $6.50s for a bit while I rebuild.

But now the itch needs some scratching. Not playing as much has given me some time to sit and thik about where I want to go with poker. I still am not sure, but when I figure it out, you will all start to hear from me again. I need to get back.

In the meantime, it's my favorite time of year. March Madness. My buddy Boats has everyone over for a "between the tourneys" game on Thurs and Fri. I've made it a tradition to take the two days off every year, and this is no exception. Boats is doing something different this year with HORSE on Thursday and No Limit Omaha on Friday. Even if I don't win, it will be great to get back into some live action. And NLO. My oh my. I might just try to fold into the money :)

I also have joined a poker "league" and have managed to scrape up a few points and some cash. Halfway through the season and I'm stuck in the middle of the pack. One gent is out in front and it looks like he'll win the top prize ($2500 for a WSOP prelim and $2500 for travel/accomodations). We will get back some cash if he makes it deep, and he's definitely got the skills to get there. I'm hoping to get to Vegas with predator and see some old friends in Bleu, Virge, Lusky, and I'm bringing the German, again this year. So look for me in Vegas sometime in June. If pred bails, I'll probably go with the guys from the poker league.

That's it for now. Just a quick post. Hopefully I'll cya at the tables.