Sunday, March 25, 2007

WPBT #3, Razz

You just gotta love a good game of razz. Unfortunately, I was out early. Rolled up 7s, rolled up 9s, A34 that bricks J, J. All that fun stuff that you have to love about Razz.

Here's a SS of one of my favorite hands. Nothing like beating your head against the wall.

Yeah, that's a Razz hand. More later....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Argosy Casino Trip Report

Welcome back all, and thanks for stopping by for a quick read. I've been quite busy at work, so not much poker lately. However, me and a couple of guys hit the boat after work last night, so here's my thoughts on the Argosy in Lawrenceburg, IN.

We took off a bit early and got to the room about 3:30. We thought we'd be beating the crowds, but the floor said "if you aren't here by noon, don't come until about 5pm. it's tough to get a seat in between". Live and learn. We had to wait about an hour. I was a bit disappointed in the games being spread. It was all Hold Em. 3/6 limit, then jumped to 6/12 limit with 1/2 kill, and there might have been 10/20 limit with a 1/2 kill (but might have just been an interest list). There were 4 1/3 NLHE "baby NLHE" games going, and one table of 2/5 NLHE.

I played 4/8 limit there quite a while ago and liked that level. One dealer told me that they just stopped spreading it, so there's nothing between the 3/6 and 6/12 games. Such is life.

We got on the 3/6 and 1/3 lists and sat around for about an hour. I got called for the 1-3 game just as they were starting up a new 3/6 game. I decided to take the limit game, being the wuss that I am. My one work buddy decided on that game, too. We met bleu (guy I know through the Fulltiltforum) who just moved to Cincy from TX. He's more of a NL guy, for those who don't know him. He sat in the 3/6 game when it didn't fill to just pass the time before moving to the 1-3 and eventually the 2/5 games.

I did pretty well, my work buddy, Mike got JJ first hand, raised. Two callers. Flop was 8-hi. Checked to him, he bet. One caller. Turn K. Guy to his right bets into him. Welcome to no-foldem holdem! Mike calls and spikes a J on the river. Caller shows K-10 off. Mike rakes the first pot and is happy. I think that was probably the high point in his game. Any comments, Grumpy?

I sat back for a while and played a few small pots. The trick to no-foldem holdem is that you need to know when to release your good PPs. You have to know when you are beat. I paid the guy to my left off one time just to make sure that I wasn't getting bluffed out, but mostly could tell when people hit their flushes, etc and was able to get away from the hands. I was up $60 at one point, then thought Mike was bluffing me on a A K x flop when I had K-8 suited and lost a little bit. Had a few more beats, but nothing like what Mike was running into. He had top two pair cracked TWICE by the same guy with runner-runner flushes. The second one the old guy that was playing him had 9-2 suited. I had 88 that hand, Mike had AK. Old guy was in the SB. Mike raised, I re raised. Old dude called with the 9-2. Flop was A K x. Old guy checked, Mike bet it, I called to see one more, old dude called. Runner-runner flush that he called the whole way (I mucked on the turn).

A few hands later I was down about $30. I was getting tired and made a few bad plays. Then I got 9-2 hearts in MP. Worked for the old dude, why not me? I limp, dude to my left that I'd looked up earlier raises. He's been tilting a bit lately. Three callers back to me and I take the flop. It is A-high with 2 hearts. Checked to me, I check. Tilter bets, all call, so I have the odds to chase, hoping my flush will be good if it hits. Turn is a blank, checked to tilter, all call. River is a heart. (I think it was A Q 7 hearts, so my 9 is 4th nut) Checked to me, I bet. Tilter says "you hit?" I keep quiet. He calls, one other calls. I show and say "worked for Jack (the old guy) so I figured it would work for me". Everyone laughs, I scoop a nice pot and get back up $5. I build back up to $32 when Mike finally goes busto.

Bleu in the meantime has come back to the 3/6 game after a tour of the 1-3 and 2-5 NLHE games. He's done quite well with having quad 10s pay off in a baby game and then have his AA hold up when he moved into the bigger game. He sat and played with us until we decided to break for dinner. We break when Mike goes bust. We go out to grab some dinner, but nothing in the deli looks good, and the buffet has a pretty long line. So we all decide to call it quits and head home. I was going to try to get back to the Noon tourney today, but had to wait for a Direct TV install (that's a whole different post/rant) that was supposed to happen on Tuesday. Seeing as the boat is 30 mins away and it's 11:45 now, I don't think I'll be making that game. Maybe some other day.

In the online front, I'm still playing a bit on FT and PS. It's difficult now to reload, and I have not had to on either site, but the fish are definitely not there as much anymore. Thanks Congress for killing my hobby. I think I might try to find out Senator Kyl's hobby and lobby to get that banned.

Anyway, if anyone is still out there reading, I'll cya at the tables.