Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take a deep breath....

Cuase it is only 3 days more until VEGAS!!

I haven't been posting much, I've been playing and trying to build the old bankroll up in order to play a few tourneys while I'm out there. Cashing out has been a pain, especially at Full Tilt where they said I could do a Bank Transfer, then I couldn't. I still can't get a straight answer from support, but is anyone really surprised? I think their lack of support will soon be their downfall. Anyway, back to poker!

For sure is the Sunday, June 22nd PLO8 at Binion's. The maybe is still Event #43 of the WSOP. That's right. I might be playing in a prelimary event for the big dance.

I have the roll to play, but it would make a dent. I'm hoping to make enough in cash games or even try a few single-table satellites for tourney chips to make it. Or win the Binion's thing and have the cash and then some :-)

So, dear readers. More to come, later. I'll try to keep good notes and publish a series of trip reports. In the meantime, I'll cya at the tables!


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